Candles by Peppermint Grove (Medium)

Peppermint Grove's fragrant soy candles are handmade in Australia. They are poured in highly polished custom-designed glass and feature a polished silver lid that also acts as a protective barrier for surfaces.

Choose from an exquisite range of fragrances, including:

  • Coconut, grapefruit and lime
  • Oceania
  • Lemongrass and lime
  • Vanilla caramel
  • Wild jasmine and mint
  • Black orchid and ginger
  • Gardenia
  • Red plum and rose
  • Freesia and berries
  • Patchouli and bergamot
  • Burnt fig and pear
  • Lemon, basil and mandarin

Burn time: approx. 22 hours


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